PreK - Kindergarten (Five Years)


Offered in some locations, The Learning Experience® PreK - Kindergarten program is state accredited to ensure readiness for first grade. The teacher is state certified and follows the public school curriculum.


She may, however, enhance the curriculum by augmenting it with additional activities and learning tools.


The curriculum includes playground time, dramatic play, the arts, music and computers.


Full time programs may be available in some locations. Kindergarten at The Learning Experience® promotes a love of learning and helps our children relate to others in an understanding and respective manner.


While learning is important in this venue, fun and games does not take a back seat! L.E.A.P.® includes semimonthly journals for each student. These journals have been created to teach a variety of concepts including math, writing and reading readiness. Each child's journal is proudly taken home after completion for parents to share in all that has been learned.


The journals are a wonderful tool for you to understand what your child is learning each month.



L.E.A.P.® encourages each child to achieve

success independently while developing

intellectually, socially and physically.





  • PreK - Kindergarten Area
  • Practices & Procedures
  • Daily Schedules
  • Lunch Program


Entering Kindergarten is one of the biggest steps your child will take! This is a very exciting and selecting the appropriate Kindergarten environment is important.


At The Learning Experience® (TLE) we offer both full-day and half-day Pre-K - Kindergarten* programs taught by state certified and credentialed teachers.


This program is offered to those children who (1) have missed the local school cut-off or (2) have entered a half day Kindergarten program in the public school system and will be entering first grade the following school year.


*Kindergarten availability may vary by location.

















Our Pre-K - Kindergarten environment encourages open-ended exploration, discovery and investigation. The curriculum is designed to enhance each child's self-confidence and to build each child's self-esteem. It gives the children the opportunity for optimum growth in academics, socialization, physical fitness, and emotional wellbeing.









Pre K - Kindergarteners learn and master many concepts:
• Write first and last name using the proper capitalization, spacing and letter formation
• Recognize and print the alphabet
• Language
• Library and literature to enhance each child's love of reading
• Recognize and write numbers
• Computer experience with specially selected software
• Visual discrimination
• Health and nutrition
• Journal writing
• Understand the purpose of the calendar
• Identify our planet, country, state and city in which they live
• Utilize objects of scientific exploration
• Explore the world of art, music, physical fitness, science, and dance





Here's how Pre K - Kindergarteners spend their day:



Parents are further kept in the loop through teacher parent correspondence called the Kindergarten Update which is distributed weekly.










The Learning Experience® (TLE) serves both morning and afternoon snacks that are nutritious and "child friendly". Snacks are prepared in a licensed and approved on site kitchen facility.


When lunch is provided, it is prepared by a licensed cook from menus approved by a registered dietician.


TLE is sensitive to dietary needs of our multi-cultural society. Parents are asked to indicate upon enrollment if there are any food restrictions and or food allergies that apply to their children. The center complies with all local health ordinances, inspections and state recommended guidelines regarding children's nutrition.


A cook is hired to prepare lunch when the center's enrollment has reached 75 children eating table food. New centers may not offer lunch programs upon opening. In that case, parents send in home-made lunches. Refrigeration is provided if needed.